The English-Speaking Club of Málaga (ESC) was founded in 1971 by nine friends of various nationalities.
This circle of friends grew and our club, formed with all the rules of association, continues to attract interest from expatriates in Málaga, as well as those who want to maintain and improve their English.

The header image is of the two towers of Málaga Cathedral, known locally as la Manquita (the One-Armed) as the tower on the right in the photo was left unfinished.

The club meets twice a week on Tuesdays in Bodega El Pimpi, and Fridays in the bar of the Monte Málaga hotel.

Prospective members may come to Club meetings three times; on further visits they are expected to join and pay the relevant fee. 

If members want to have drinks in the Pimpi clubroom, they must first pay for them at the bar. There is no waiter service in the clubroom.

Emilio Guzmán is the reference person for the Friday group.

Comments are always welcome. They will be removed at the end of a certain period as they tend to become dated.


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